O2 Lyophyllic Third State Minerals (LTSM®)


What sets O2 Drops® a part from any other Oxygen Supplement on the market, is the inclusion of our Lyophyllic Third State Minerals (LTSM®). This is an EXCLUSIVE formula that can ONLY be purchased through an O2 Worldwide, home-based independent distributor, just like you.

Lyophyllic Third State Minerals (LTSM®) are minerals in their most bio-available and active state, which yield optimum assimilation and utilization.

Third State Minerals are formed when microorganisms in the soil digest elemental minerals (first quantum state). The waste converts minerals into second quantum state minerals.

When waste minerals are dissolved in ground water, they are assimilated by plants for photosynthesis. Whatever amounts of the minerals remains after photosynthesis, these are stored in the plant in its their bio-available form (third quantum state).

Quantum physicists describe this “third state” as the most synergistic, bio-active, harmonic electrical resonance state. In laymen’s terms, this is the most ideal electrical state of minerals for the body to use for efficient and effective metabolism.

Minerals in the third state may be assimilated five times more easily than elemental first state minerals, and are about 1,000 times more potent in terms of their ultimate cellular energy potential.

Third state mineral ions have a tremendous amount of surface area compared to elemental minerals, due to their minute particle size. The increase in surface area of the minerals increases their zeta potential, which is the kinetic energy or life force that sustains us.

Third state minerals are “negatively” (-) charged, which also gives them active transport through cell membranes and into the cells. The outer surfaces of cell membranes are “positively” (+) charged. Since third state minerals have the opposite polarity, they are drawn into the cells, just as opposite poles of a magnet attract.

Third State Minerals are formed when the elemental minerals (first quantum state) in the soil are digested by microorganisms that convert these minerals into a waste products that contain the same mineral but that are changed into a second quantum state.

When these “waste minerals” are mixed with ground water, they are assimilated by plants for use by the plant during the photosynthesis process. The minerals that remain after photosynthesis are stored in the plants’ leaves in the mineral’s most bio-available form (third quantum state).

This is the only form that is completely bio-active and organic. Quantum physicists describe this “third state” as the most synergistic harmonic electrical resonance state. In laymen’s terms this is the most ideal electrical state of minerals for the body to use for efficient and effective assimilation and metabolism.

Our bodies are able to digest first state elemental minerals, but for the cells to utilize these first state minerals, the minerals must be transformed into a third state. Our bodies are capable of doing this, but only to a small degree and at an expenditure of energy. This energy expenditure can only be sustained for a limited period of time, resulting in declining mineral utilization and a depletion of the body’s vital energy.

Third state minerals - in a liquid medium – are derived from their organic sources to provide essential minerals to the body in their most bio-available and potent form, yet they remain totally safe and non-toxic.

LTSM® minerals require no digestion. Moreover, if taken sublingually, the ionic LTSM® minerals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, by-passing the liver. Supplements that are swallowed must first pass through the liver, which diminishes the level of nutrients reaching general circulation and the rest of the body.

LTSM® minerals are the most bio-compatible form of minerals ever developed. This third-state lyophyllic minerals are easily utilized by the body for maintaining immune system health, skin heath, prostate function, and a host of other vital physiological functions.

LTSM® Magnesium
Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in human physiology for the maintenance of health. It is a mineral that functions as a coenzyme (part of ~100 enzymes) for nerve and muscle functions, the regulation of body temperature, energy metabolism, DNA/RNA synthesis, and the formation of bones. The majority of the body’s magnesium (60%) is found in the bones. Because magnesium is needed as a co-factor for a number of enzymes to help convert carbohydrates, protein, and fat into energy, magnesium may play a role in energy metabolism. Magnesium supports heart function, bone and muscular strength.

LTSM® Zinc
Zinc is an essential trace mineral that has functions as part of about 300 different enzymes. As such, zinc plays a role in virtually all biochemical pathways and physiological processes. Zinc is involved in wound healing, immune system support, reduces the length and severity of colds, supports a healthy prostate gland, and increases fertility (sperm production).

LTSM® Chromium
Chromium regulates the body's blood sugar levels, decreases serum glucose in people with high blood sugar levels and raises serum glucose in people with low blood sugar levels. Blood sugar regulation is probably one of chromium's most notable attributes, as it improves the uptake of glucose into the cells of the body, thereby providing the cells with the necessary fuel to produce energy via ATP. Chromium reduces body fat, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, assists in weight control, and enhances cellular energy production.

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