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Turn $60 into $500 (or more) + Monthly Residuals, In 6 weeks Guarantee
It's Easier Than You Think With Our Team's Co-op Advertising Program

Would earning an extra $500, plus a recurring monthly income in as little as 6 weeks, pay a few bills for you?

When you successfully implement O2 Worldwide's "Get 2 Teach 2" business strategy, that's exactly what can happen...

And remember, our personal O2 team's lead program can help you get there, if you need assistance generating exclusive, real time, leads of individuals interested in O2 Drops and the O2 Worldwide opportunity right now.

Keep in mind, this $500, plus monthly residuals, does not include any of the income you earn when customers purchase O2 Drops from your free retail website, or from the customer purchases of your team. That income is all "icing on the cake."

Get Your O2 Drops FREE - You can gather enough personal customers (just 3) to get your O2 Drops at a net zero cost, or...

You can build a stand alone income just with customers. It's left entirely up to you... But when you combine the power and simplicity of our Get 2 Teach 2 strategy, along with gathering just a few customers, you create both stability and leverage in your O2 business.

Note: The video above mentions the 20 leads that are included with one of the $59.95 O2 product packages.

However, our personal team has determined through personal experience and testing, that if you need lead assistance in reaching your $500 (or more) + monthly residuals in 6 weeks goal... We recommend our team's advertising co-op lead option. Why? Because it's getting excellent results. Moreover, you can save $10-$20, and start with the $39.95 or $49.95 O2 product package. Ask me for details.

Everyone Can Start At The Top Pay Level With O2 (No Hoops or Hurdles)

O2 Worldwide created a business environment where each of its independent home-based distributors has a real opportunity to earn income from home in their spare time, enabling them to follow their passion, no matter what that might mean for each of us.

Our rewards program is simple, straightforward, and very generous.

Whether yo
ur goal is to build a stand alone income that focuses solely on gathering new O2 Drops customers, or... Whether you want to focus your efforts on creating a "leveraged" income by helping the company expand its network of independent distributors, or both... O2 Worldwide gives you a realistic path to success.

One of the most rewarding journeys you can take is, being able to Live Your Financial Dream through the act of helping others.

Highlights of The O2 Financial Rewards Program:

Company Pays up to 75%
Turn $60 into $500 (or more) + Monthly Residuals, In 6 weeks Guarantee
Instant Pay & Weekly Pay
50% Retail Profit On EVERY Customer Order
50% Fast Start Bonuses
100% Matching Bonuses
m Bonuses up to $20,000 Weekly
K Club Rewards - $2,500 - $10,000 cash bonus, plus gifts and trips

Watch this video for complete details on the O2 Worldwide Rewards Plan.

The Power Of O2's Weekly 100% Matching Bonus

The "most lucrative feature" in the O2 Rewards Plan is our Weekly 100% Matching Checks. While O2 Worldwide isn't the first or only company to offer a 100% matching check feature for its independent associates...

To our knowledge, we're the only direct sales company that pays the 100% check match starting with the VERY FIRST associate you personally introduce to O2 Worldwide.

Here's why that is significant and rewarding:

If you only introduced one new associate to O2 Worldwide, and that person was a motivated worker... If they in turn, went to work and earned a two team weekly bonus of $100 weekly, you'd receive a matching $100 weekly bonus.

If they earned $250 weekly in their two team bonus, you'd earn a matching $250 weekly bonus... $500 weekly in their two team bonus pay? You'd earn a $500 weekly matching check as their personal O2 sponsor.

Your personal matching checks can potentially grow up to $20,000 weekly... And of course, you earn a 100% matching check on every personally sponsored O2 associate who earns a weekly two team bonus.

For example, if you personally introduced 4 new associates to O2 Worldwide, and their weekly two team bonus was an average of $250 each... You'd earn weekly matching checks that total $1,000 (4 x's $250).

O2's 100% check match levels the playing field for all O2 associates.

Contact our O2 Worldwide Call Center, Monday through Friday, 12 Noon to 8PM EST, to get your questions answered.

Just dial 801-987-9473 - Use this PIN when you call: P5104

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