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O2 Worldwide is a new division of a 5 year old global company, headquartered in Layton UT., and doing business in 32 countries around the world. Timing is important.

We have associates who are earning part or full time incomes with us that has changed their lives... Many had never made money in a home business before O2. Here's why they've been successful...

1.) It starts with O2 Drops, our proprietary, 100% natural, Dr. formulated product that is absolutely helping people. We have tons of stories (video, audio & emails) from people whose lives have been changed by O2 Drops. You can view them under the Customer Stories tab.

*When you try a month's supply of O2 Drops risk free for 30 days (as low as $39.95), our company also gives you a free lifetime O2 Worldwide business.

2.) We plug you into our personal O2 team's step-by-step system that removes the challenge of personal selling, and the need for you to be a marketing expert.

Keep It Simple - It only takes introducing 2 people to O2 Drops and O2 Worldwide, and you're on your way to creating a secure, leveraged income for you and your family. We can help you accomplish this.

You'll have the ability to participate in our team's advertising co-op where we generate exclusive, real time leads for you

The individuals we attract through our advertising co-op have either started a home business before, or they have spent time, money, and effort looking for the right business. You also start earning a 100% weekly matching bonus check with your very first associate.

Difference Maker: O2's first-of-its-kind 100% matching bonus is the Jet Fuel in our pay plan. For example, if you only introduced 1 new business partner to O2, and that individual earned $500 a week in two-team and customer override commissions... You'd earn a $500 matching weekly check - No other home business does this with your very first enrollment. Work smart, not hard.

3.) We provide one-on-one support to make sure you know exactly what to do, to get you into profit quickly. Our team leaders have more than 25 years of experience and success in the home business industry. We know what works, and what to avoid.

4.) We'll also show you how to acquire two to three O2 Drops retail customers without chasing anyone, so that you can get your personal O2 Drops for zero out-of-pocket cost.

If you're coachable, & want to align yourself with someone who can help you... Review this page in its entirety. Watch all of the videos below, & find out if O2 worldwide and our team meet the criteria, along with the kind of help and support you're looking for in a home business.

Introducing O2 Drops...

If you haven't seen this short video on Dr. formulated O2 Drops, our proprietary, 100% natural liquid supplement that has already helped thousands... Watch it now.

What They're Saying About O2 Drops...

Now that you have a better understanding of the exclusive product we market... Watch this video, and see what people no different than you are saying about the benefits they've experienced with Dr. formulated O2 Drops.

"...All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level." - Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., The Textbook of Medical Physiology

A New Paradigm - The Old Way Isn't Working.

When most people start a home business, you're told to "make a list" of everyone you know, and to then "tell them" about your "opportunity." While this approach may work for some... We've learned over the years that for most people, it's been a recipe for disappointment and failure. Why? Because most of us don't like personal selling or rejection.

Watch this short video to see another way O2 Worldwide is different.

Note: Our personal O2 team has found that reaching your first goal of earning $540 (or more) + monthly residuals in 6 weeks, is easier for for most people with our advertising co-op option. Why? Because it's faster, and it's gets results.

STOP Selling, Start Helping
As an O2 affiliate, there's never a need to sell or convince anyone of anything. Our team gives you a free personalized marketing system just like the one you're visiting right now, that makes business presentations for you 24/7.

Our free company owned call center staff can take calls from your leads; answer questions on your behalf, and even enroll new customers or associates for you. You keep 100% of the commission.

We market a proprietary, Dr. formulated product that is absolutely helping people, and it does so quickly. There's no need for us to convince anyone of anything. Our company also owns the exclusive, global marketing rights for Dr. Krauss's formulation. It can only be purchased through an authorized, O2 Worldwide affiliate.

You can try a bottle of O2 Drops for as little as $12.95 as a customer first, to see if you experience the same kind of welcomed benefits others are already enjoying with our Dr. Formulated supplement. This is a one week supply - includes free S&H in the US.

...Or, you can purchase a full month's supply of O2 Drops for as little as $39.95, and receive a free O2 business (Included with your purchase) - Protected by a 30 day, no questions asked, empty bottle, money back guarantee.

With many people experiencing welcomed results the first day or first week they take O2 Drops (from better-deeper sleep, to significant pain relief, to reduced stress, to improved blood pressure & sugar levels, and much more), we let our product's results do the talking for us.

O2 Drops helped...

  Donald with his high blood pressure and high blood sugar...
  Helped Sherry with her Fibromyalgia...
  Helped Zena with Dry Eyes, & saved her $300 a month on a prescription...
  Helped Carla with chronic stress...
  Helped Marjorie with her "shakes"...
  Helped David with severe pain generated from a 20 yr old disc fusion...
  Helped Stephanie with daily seizures...
  Cindy treated a rescue puppy with O2 Drops, and helped save his life...
  Helped Scott with his Testosterone & Thyroid levels..
  Helped Jennifer with her Hot Flashes...
  Helped keep Dr. Hensley calm and energized throughout the day...

*Don't take our word for it. Read, see & hear their stories in their own words.

You can also visit the Customer Stories tab near the top of this page for more of our customers' stories. O2 Drops flat out deliver results.

Making Money Online Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Stability & Timing - Partner with a new division of a 5 year old global company, headquartered in Layton, Utah. We'll be here.

People don't have to wait a month or longer for results - Our exclusive, 100% natural, Dr. formulated, activated-stabilized oxygen and LTSM minerals supplement sells itself because of the fast results people notice - A product many purchase again and again, because of what it does for them. Translation? Recurring Income

Earn Fast & Generous Income - O2 features a very simple & lucrative rewards plan that pays you 50% weekly retail profits, 50% weekly fast start bonuses, 100% weekly matching checks starting with your first enrollment, generous weekly team commissions, plus cash prizes, trips, and gifts.

Be sure to watch our, Earn $500 or more monthly, in the next 6 weeks, guarantee video.

Pre-qualified, Exclusive Leads - You don't have to worry about where you're going to find "the right 2 people" for your new O2 Worldwide business and O2 Drops. You can let our team generate pre-qualified leads for you by participating in our advertising co-op.

A FREE personalized WhyO2 team marketing system that does presentations for you 24/7, to help you convert more of your leads into customers and associates. Your free system includes customized O2 lead capture pages, an autoresponder email follow up system, plus more.

O2's Company Owned Call Center to help you make money - You don't have to know all the answers about O2 because we have a professional O2 Worldwide owned call center staff that will answer calls and questions on your behalf.

They will also enroll new customers and affiliates for you... You keep 100% of the commission. (Paid for by our company, NOT you)

A FREE O2 Worldwide business - Our very affordable startup packages, beginning as low as $39.95 for a one month supply of O2 Drops, include a FREE O2 Worldwide business.

A 30 Day, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

How You Earn With O2 Worldwide

We have O2 affiliates earning anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month, to five figures monthly.

With our extremely generous and simple, Get 2 - Help 2 business model, there are no hoops or hurdles to jump through. All O2 affiliates can start at the TOP pay level.

From our generous 50% customer commissions that are paid into your ewallet instantly, to our unmatched 100% matching bonuses, O2 Worldwide puts you FIRST.

Watch this video for complete details on the O2 Worldwide Rewards Plan.


Need More Info?

Intrigued by what you've seen today, but you'd like more information about O2 Worldwide and O2 Drops before making a decision? Included below are several links we encourage you to visit.

1.) Watch our $540 in 6 weeks guarantee video. =>

2.)  Discover why marketing an exclusive, activated-stabilized oxygen & minerals supplement like O2 Drops is "a smart business decision today." Be sure to watch the video that shows how O2 Drops are made, and what separates it from "competitors" =>

3.) Meet Dr. Stephen Krauss, the formulator of O2 Drops, and listen to a fascinating interview with him. =>
4.)  Watch this video, and see how our company owned call center staff can help you make money with O2. =>

5.) See, read, and hear what more of our customers are saying about O2 Drops. =>

6.) Learn more about O2 Worldwide, its owners, and its mission statement. =>

"Can I Do This?"

1.) If you need help finding "the right 2 people" for O2 Drops or your O2 business... Would you want us to generate exclusive, real time, pre-qualified leads for you, through our team's advertising co-op?

**Your f'ree personalized marketing system and website also makes presentations to your leads for you 24/7, as well as automatically follow up with them on your behalf through pre-written emails.

2.) Do you like the idea of having a free, company owned, professional call center staff available to answer questions and complete enrollments with your interested leads?

3.) If you followed our proven, step-by-step system, and earned up to an additional $540 or more monthly, in the next 6 weeks to 90 days, and more thereafter... Would this make a difference for you and your family?

If you answered yes, and you're ready to do something about it now... We'll help you. Try O2 Drops risk free for 30 days, & receive your free O2 business. Then, let us help you start earning a weekly income with O2. With O2's generous, 100% matching check feature, I have a vested interest in helping you succeed with us. Welcome to our O2 family.

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